Thursday, 9 January 2014

Online image Mapping.

Image mapping in HTML

Just go to this website and add your image
Than you have different options right there draw online mapping with associated link.
Online code will generate copy that code and use it like i mentioned below in this POST


How To use code :

This code will generate by Online Tool.

<MAP NAME=mymap>

<AREA HREF="/reference/" ALT="HTML and CSS Reference" COORDS="5,5,95,195">
<AREA HREF="/design/" ALT="Design Guide" COORDS="105,5,195,195">
<AREA HREF="/tools/" ALT="Tools" COORDS="205,5,295,195">



<IMG SRC="sitemap.gif" ALT="Site map" USEMAP="#mymap" WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=200>

Put this line with proper name (Highlighted in red font) 

HTML allows images in different documents to use the same MAP definition from just one file, but many browsers do not support this and require the MAP and image elements to be in the same document.
MAP was originally defined to take one or more AREA elements that specify the coordinates of a clickable region on the image. An example follows:

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